Personal Training

Mark believes that fitness and performance are intrinsically linked. He quickly gains a deep understanding of individuals motivations and goals resulting in bespoke and impactful training programmes that deliver real and measurable results. What you want to achieve shapes what we do together on your fitness journey, whether that’s improvement in fitness, strength, function, a specific sporting challenge, rehab or even prehab.


Your journey with TF is unique, it starts with how you think, your lifestyle, ambitions and capabilities. Our Coaches understand this and will take the time to understand you.


PT Package starts from £120

Fitness classes

All TF Classes are geared towards improving and increasing your overall endurance as well as conditioning. This is a sure way to lose weight and improve your overall fitness. Our classes are fantastic for boosting the mood, increasing your release of endorphins and bringing that happy feel to you with the superb family feel we have here at TF.


Fitness Classes starts from £28


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